Draw strength from those around you.

Louie Sumpter


At EveryFriday we pride ourselves on something we call ‘full strength’. It’s our central organising principle and it represents both what we both stand for and at the same time what we offer.

It’s grounded in the belief that everyone in the business matters. It’s why we place equal emphasis across strategic, creative and client service points of view. It’s why we listen to each other, value different opinions and maintain a flexible outlook. It means we can ask ourselves more questions, considers more angles and push answers further. Because when you can leverage the full strength of everyone in your agency – all of their collective expertise, experience and brilliance – you can create work that is itself, ‘full strength’.

So what does all this mean from the perspective of a strategist? Well the truth is that a lot of strategists secretly like nothing more than locking themselves away in a room and surrounding themselves with information: research findings, sector reports, brand tracking studies…

As a strategist you can end up having a weird relationship with information. On the one hand you need it, it forms the basis of most of the views you form and pronouncements you make. We don’t like to admit it, but without it we’re basically just like everyone else, just another joe with another opinion.

But whilst all this information is great, at some point you have to do something with it. You have to flip it into something powerful, something that people will care about, something that will push a brand or a campaign forward.

And this is where inviting others to step into your process comes in. They can help you see things you might have missed, offer different interpretations, challenge and stress-test your thinking. It means you’re never alone, you’re part of a team that helps you do your best work, and in turn you can help them do their best work.

Being able to draw on the strengths of those around you makes you a better strategist. So here’s to ‘full strength’ and a more open and collaborate way of working.