Falling for EveryFriday.

Dan Fernandez


Who’d launch an agency? Late nights. Money worries. Hard bloody work. But in business there’s no greater reward. Because when times are good, they’re really good.

But it’s how you manage the hard times that matters. So when we began flirting with the idea of launching an agency it had to be for all the right reasons. To build our kind of agency: one where strategists, creatives and client services properly work side by side. Where brilliant people thrive on mutual respect and collective endeavour. Then, bring on the hard times.

To get to great, we’re building a ‘full strength’ approach to branding and communications. It’s an approach that optimises our individual input and that collectively gets us to brilliant work. It leaves no room for egos and no home for dead wood. And you’re guaranteed there’ll be no half measures.

When it comes to creativity, ‘full strength’ acts as a brilliant measuring stick for our output and for what we put in. It encourages us to shape a culture that recognises in order to reach ‘full strength’, we’ll make stuff and break stuff along the way. And that’s ok. In fact that’s good. Because the truth is if we’re really pushing ourselves, and our clients, to get to brilliant and original work, it won’t come easy. In the same way that running an agency isn’t easy.

So by turning the tough bits into the exciting bits, embracing the falls, and building a studio where resilience and brilliance go hand in hand, I’d say we’re ready to go.