Full-steam ahead.

Daniel Wade


This January, we’re making resolutions not just for a new year, but for a new agency.

EveryFriday is now open, and ready to help businesses achieve maximum impact with full-strength branding and communications. Here are the commitments we’ll be sticking to in 2018 and beyond.

1. No egos
At Every Friday, we believe that when you create the right environment, great ideas can come from anywhere. We want to build a culture that’s diverse, inclusive and genuinely empowering – where everyone has ownership, and everyone matters.

2. No barriers
Most agencies lead with one thing, and it’s the client that misses out. You might get beautiful work that’s not really fit for purpose, or great thinking that’s badly delivered. We’ve got strategy, creative and client service specialists among our founders, because we know the best work comes when all core disciplines work as one.

3. No nonsense
We will steer clear of industry jargon, hyperbole and business book bollocks – because we think if a strategy, idea, or insight is worth having, it has to make sense on its own terms. No smoke and mirrors.

4. No conventions
We’re not into a cut and paste approach and we don’t want to foster a house style. Instead, we’ll stay open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things. We’ll encourage experimentation. We’ll explore our surroundings and interrogate our assumptions. And we’ll never stop learning.

5. No half measures
This one’s simple: nothing less than brilliant will leave the door.