Why the glass is full-full.

Daniel Wade


We’ve only just started on our agency journey – exciting times in an unpredictable environment. Or total madness? Or maybe it’s because we don’t just see the glass as half-full.

We started EveryFriday because we believe that the best work comes from really understanding the client – their business, their sector and them. This understanding doesn’t just come from one agency discipline, but from many. A piece of great creative is only great if it resonates with the audience, is on-brand and can be executed in the right way.

Collaboration with strategy and creative teams, fuels what I do in client services and fuels the creative process. Mix it all together, have mutual respect for each other’s expertise and respect for the brand that you’re working on, and then you’ll get outstanding work. We promise.

At EveryFriday, we call it, ‘full strength communication’ – all parts of the agency working at their optimum to deliver the best output, not for us, but for our client. Always on, always pushing to achieve the best results.

As we build the agency, we want it to be a place where employees can reach their ‘full strength’, develop their expertise, grow as people and deliver beautiful work. Whether that’s a beautiful piece of customer insight, a beautiful piece of creative or even a beautiful spreadsheet.

My role within client services has always been to ‘get’ the client, understand their business, understand their own objectives and understand what budgets they have. It’s clichéd, but so true, if we act as an extension to the client’s team, be their voice within the strategic and creative process, then we’ll get to some bloody good work.

Client service is partly relationships, of course, but I don’t buy the “people buy people” adage. Clients buy expertise, simple. If you don’t have the expertise within your agency to deliver great work, then it doesn’t matter how good your relationships are. Deliver great work and have a great relationship, bang, you’re onto something special. We want to be the agency that the clients rely on and know that we’ll deliver no matter what – time and time again.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with great brands such as Virgin, adidas, Tesco and Barclays – the work has been amazing, the relationships rock-solid and the hangovers harder to cope with as the years pass by. What has always shone through was the team effort. Client and Agency. All at the top of their game, nothing less. Full strength.

At EveryFriday, ‘full strength’ is the benchmark for everything we do, it’s the attitude we approach every job with, it’s a promise to employees and clients, and it’s an invitation to do great work. Which is why the glasses at EveryFriday are always full-full.

Pop in for a drink and let’s discuss how we can make your brand achieve ‘full strength’.