EveryFriday EF

Deutsche Bank

— Breaking Wave

01 – Context

Determined to level the playing field with disruptive start-ups in the financial industry, Deutsche Bank created Breaking Wave — a fintech incubator designed to find real world solutions to real world problems. Operating at an arm’s length from the business, the standalone distances itself from policies and hierarchies, drawing on the latest technology and 3rd party support to get things done.

02 – Opportunity

Our approach was to brand this incubator in a way that would attract the best talent and help them channel their attitude into the smartest, simplest solutions. As such, it wasn’t just about defining an open culture, but signalling a change in direction that differed from that of Deutsche Bank and other banks. Establishing a process that had ideas at the centre, not numbers.

03 – Insight

Breaking Wave is a place where people, ideas and technology come together. Where things happen — and things get made. Always looking for the next opportunity, the next problem to solve. And then, when that’s done, moving on to the next one.

04 – Idea

Let’s build it

Our idea celebrates Breaking Wave as a space where things happen. Where people don’t ask ‘why?’ They ask ‘why not?’. A place free to ideate, explore, iterate and resolve. The future won’t wait. Let’s build it.