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Sony Music

— Influence Music

01 – Context

In the last 20 years, everything about the record industry has changed. The way music’s made, the way it’s marketed, the way we consume it (long live LimeWire).

And over the next 20, more change is coming.

Already the second largest record company in the world, Sony Music knows it has to keep on evolving. Creating a modern, diverse business that can stay ahead of whatever comes next.

02 – Opportunity

How can a company with such eclectic talent, represent everyone on its books? Uniting all of its initiatives under a vision that reflects the whole business and provides a springboard to better tell a consistent story.

03 – Insight

04 – Idea

Influence Music

An inclusive platform inspired by people, for people, this is an invitation to make an impact. 
To do your best work on the biggest stage.

The stage is our core asset. It’s a stage 
for our people, an invitation to make an impact. It reflects our scale and ambition and it’s endlessly adaptive.

05 – Impact

Now rolled out in the UK and Australia, Influence Music is already making a big impact on the business — inspiring colleagues, informing communications and changing behaviour.